Day of the Child 2017
Request for Performance Proposals

Arts Orange County, in partnership with El Centro Cultural de México, will present the 6th annual Día del Niño/Day of the Child (DDN) family arts festival on Sunday, April 30, 2016 10am-3pm at Birch Park in Santa Ana. Día del Niño’s purpose is to connect the Santa Ana community with creative community partners and artists through highly engaging arts experiences. Participants will celebrate the message that children have important rights which include being given opportunities to develop their natural creativity. This year's theme is "Carousel of Hope".

Organizations and artists are invited to submit proposals to perform at Día del Niño. 

Día del Niño performances shall serve the following outcomes:

  • Performances will be child-friendly in one of three ways: have children as primary performers, engage children actively in the performance through games or on-stage interactions, or be themed and geared towards a child's perspective.
  • Performances that emphasize the importance of a multicultural community are preferred.  This could be evidenced by an integrated performance troupe, styles of performance, or additional cultural sensitivities.
  • The Dia Del Nino theme (Carousel of Hope) is an important component of the day.  Performances that are able to reflect or include this as part of their performance are preferred.
  • Performances should be a positive force for children, and enable all children to envision themselves as possible and potential performers.
  • Performances that feature local artists from the community are preferred.  Especially those that allow children to learn more and become performers themselves through open classes or workshops.

Please be sure to address each of these criteria in your application.

The submission deadline is Wednesday March 1st, 2017Applicants will be notified by approximately March 10th. 

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